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July 8th, 2013

CanvassMaster is officially released.

After several months of design, development and testing, our CanvassMaster apps are officially available in both the Apple app store and the Google Play store. Our latest web application, "CanvassMaster Office", is also available for those CanvassMaster customers who do not already have LeadPerfection.
April 15th, 2013

RJR Technology celebrates their 13th year of business.

Can you believe its been 13 years since we started? We've come a long way in those 13 years, bringing you award-winning products and adding hundreds of new features to all of our products. To put things in perspective when we first started creating web applications, they were all run in-house, and only the largest firms could afford them. The internet wasn't stable enough to run a mission-critical business application, so LeadPerfection had to be installed on an in-house server. As time went on, the internet became faster and more reliable. Today, we take for granted the fact that everyone has high-speed internet connectivity.
March 3rd, 2013

LP Salesman app available in the Google Store.

We heard you!  We came out with our LP Salesman app for iPhones and iPads a little more than 4 months ago and many of you Android users felt left out. You asked for it, and we delivered. The same fantastic app but now it runs on Android devices.
October 29th, 2012

Hurricane Sandy hits Long Island

You might not have realized that Long Island, NY is the home of RJR Technology. Yes, we were directly in the path of the "storm of the century", where 95% of homes and businesses lost power for over a week. Our office was without power for 10 days, and several of our employees went 14 days before power was restored. But somehow our office staff was back up and running from a make-shift office the day after the storm hit us. We worked for over a week on folding chairs and tables, but we were able to support all of our customers and and answer every customer service call even though many of our customers had no clue what we were going through. Even with the added chaos of gasoline shortages all of our customers' systems kept running. In fact, we had zero down-time thoughout the entire ordeal. We now know first-hand the value of disaster recovery planning and we are sure glad that we use top-level data center facilities to run all of our servers!
October 19th, 2012

LP Salesman version 1.01 available in the Apple Store.

This was our first venture into iPhone app development, and boy was it a success! After several months of design, coding and testing, we are proud to publish LP Salesman, a free app for all of our customers who use LeadPerfection to run their remodeling businesses.