Efficient Appointment Setting

Are you setting the "best" appointments for your Sales Reps?
Do your sales reps complain that they are spending more time driving than selling?One of the most beneficial aspects of LeadPerfection is the way in which it schedules appointments. The system comes with a built-in engine that estimates the driving time from one appointment to the next in order to allow your call center staff to book the most efficient time for a given appointment based on other appointments being run in the given area earlier or later in the day. And just so you know, we are talking about true drive time, taking into consideration road types, bridges, etc. Not just a simple "as-the-crow-flies" calculation

With a new prospect on the phone, LeadPerfection can search the schedule in an instant, and display all of the upcoming appointments nearest to the new prospect. It will display the estimated drive time in minutes between each existing appointment and the new prospect so that the agent can select the most appropriate timeslot for the new prospect. This can significantly reduce travel time for a company’s sales reps and allow more appointments to be run during peak seasons.

One of the most important features of LeadPerfection is the way in which it manages the existing lead pipeline. Every lead in the system is categorized into user-defined "calling queues", which determine the frequency and priority in which leads will be redialed. This allows your staff to concentrate on the most important leads, but offers the opportunity to continue working leads which have been in the pipeline for a while, assuring that an adequate number of dialing attempts is made before giving up. A simple screen exists where you can quickly see exactly how many leads exist in each category of the total lead pipeline. This helps manage staff and determine the appropriate level of dialing which should be done each day.

LeadPerfection Calendar
LeadPerfection offers about a half dozens ways to view your scheduled appointments. You can view them for one day in detail, for many days in summary, in tabular format or graphically as a function of fulfillment of sales rep requests. Or in the example here, in a monthly calendar layout.

There is also a built-in component for managing the confirmation process, whereby calls to prospects will be made in order to confirm the upcoming appointment a day or two in advance. This ties in directly with LeadPerfection's "Get Next to Dial" feature.