Call Center Management

How do you manage your call center?
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Do you ever feel like you need to modernize the way you go about your outbound dialing?

Leads are assets. They represent an investment your company has made. They have potential value if managed properly, and are the lifeline of the organization. But so many companies in the industry handle leads haphazardly. LeadPerfection will make sure this never happens again.

One of the most important features of LeadPerfection is the way in which it manages the existing lead pipeline. Every lead in the system is categorized into user-defined "calling queues", which determine the frequency and priority in which leads will be redialed. This allows your staff to concentrate on the most important leads, but offers the opportunity to continue working leads which have been in the pipeline for a while, assuring that an adequate number of dialing attempts is made before giving up. A simple screen exists where you can quickly see exactly how many leads exist in each category of the total lead pipeline. This helps manage staff and determine the appropriate level of dialing which should be done each day.

LeadPerfection has built-in rules designed to satisfy current Federal Do-Not-Call legislation, whereby you can either subscribe to the Federal lists or simply assume that all prospects are on the list and just follow the various rules for allowable dialing. LeadPerfection also manages callback scheduling, so for cases where a prospect asks to be called back on a specific date and time, this can be easily entered into the system.

A supervisor will determine which staff should be making calls on which queues, so that you could easily specialize staff in certain functions such as "rehash" or "confirmation". The staff making the calls simply needs to click a "get next to dial" button at any time, which will pop open a new lead on the screen for dialing. There is no need for printing lists of leads and crossing off names as dialing is performed. The system manages the entire process much more efficiently than can be done by hand.