Internet Lead Handling

The race is on!
Girl at Laptop
Processing internet leads should not be frustrating. We know exactly what you've been thinking all along: "We already have them on the computer, why do we have to re-enter them?" LeadPerfection has a built-in mail client that you can point at any POP3 accessible mailbox, and it can read the mail as it arrives and parse the data from the body of the message. Within seconds, the newly arrived lead will pop up on a screen for someone to dial. This gives you the opportunity to react quickly to contact the consumer within seconds of their inquiry, beating out your competitors and setting more appointments.

Quick response to internet inquiries is a key to successful management of internet-based leads. As you know, many companies sell a single lead to 4 or 5 home services companies. Studies have been performed which suggest that the first to respond will have the best chance of making a sale. LeadPerfection manages this to your advantage, making internet-based leads a profitable means of obtaining new business.

Further studies also indicate that dialing persistence is another significant factor in maximizing profit on internet leads. These studies tell us that anything short of 8 or 9 dialing attempts to internet prospects is probably not adequate. LeadPerfection manages the process for you, rotating your dialing material behind the scenes to assure that attempts are made strategically to contact prospects in the most efficient manger.