Marketing Analysis

Do you feel like you are blindly spending money on your marketing campaigns?
Blindfolded Girl
LeadPerfection was designed in conjunction with some of the leading marketing experts in the home remodeling and home services industries. We've placed a great emphasis on matching revenue to the actual marketing effort which produced the lead. This allows you to properly analyze the cost and results of each individual marketing campaign you utilize in order to determine profitability. Several reports exists which will summarize results by marketing source, right down to its lowest level. Marketing costs are typically among the largest line items on the P&L statements of home services companies. Analyzing and managing marketing efforts allow you to pinpoint where the best opportunity for profit exists, and allows you to make the most out of your marketing budget.

Included in the system is the capability of tracking leads by event and by promoter. Field promoters can have their time entered into the system in order to calculate leads per hour both on the individual level and on the event level. Now with LeadPerfectionMobile, field promoters can enter leads directly on a Smartphone. They also have the ability to view the current sales rep availability in order to set appointment times matching periods when sales reps are available and have not already been assigned appointments. This eliminates the need for faxing leads back to your office. And in conjunction with the outbound dialing features previously discussed, never again will leads be lost in the shuffle.